Mansoe’s lockdown birthday surprise

Yesterday was Nomzamo Mantsoe-Pout’s birthday and Thando Thabethe didn’t let the lockdown stop her from celebrating her bestie.She threw a “Lockdown surprise, social distancing, home delivery party”

Mantsoe and Thando have been friends for a long while now and it being Mantsoe’s birthday gave Thando a reason to show gratitude and celebrate her.

Some fans were inlove with the suprise and shared birthday messages and congratulated Thando, on a job well done

The night did however end a bit differently, this morning Mantsoe hinted that she had, had a crazy night, drank and slept at 8 am in a couple of tweets, her and Zodumo had a kwaito session, a bit of shots here and there but overall, Mantsoe assured us she enjoyed her birthday

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