Friday, September 17, 2021

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VIDEO: 21-year-old Mam Diarah confesses to drugging DJ Dimplez before sleeping with him

The lady who drugged DJ Dimplez and slept with him has came out to the public and confessed how she did it, in the video she mentions that she used several medications and makes them just to get him to sleep so that you won’t feel a thing.

 Mam Diarah used ARVs and sugar diabetes pills and that made a lot of people very angry because they were wondering why she would use many pills first and even worse the type of clothes that she used and what pills to just play around with, South Africans are calling for her arrest because all she did was very wrong and unlawful.

Watch the video below…

In Other News: Bishop Israel Makamu arrested

The NPA has confirmed that Bishop Israel Makamu was indeed arrested earlier today with charges of s.e.xual assault.Isaac Makamu

Phindi Mjonondwane said Makamu was arrested after a former employee of his church laid a complaint of s.e.xual assault on...learn more

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