Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Video of Makhadzi acting [email protected] while drunk and smoking angers Mzansi

Video of Makhadzi acting [email protected] while drunk and smoking angers Mzansi

It is true that no one is a saint but there are certain individuals especially celebrities whom we never expect certain behaviour from them. For instance, Makhadzi is one celebrity associated with clean behaviour alone. Some were even certain that the singer doesn’t drink or smoke.


However, the musician has proved those who thought that she was all clean wrong. The Matorokisi hitmaker recently took to her Instagram page and shared a video of herself and in the video, she was visibly intoxicated and she was actually smoking something. She even blew some of the smoke to her fans and she didn’t even seem to have any care in the world.Makhadzi

She went on to lick her mouth, puff some cigarettes, and finished off her act by blowing the smoke towards her fans and she gave a [email protected] smile. Her video didn’t sit well with many fans as they saw her as a clean role model for the youngsters.

Watch the video:


In Other News: Actress Sophie Ndaba Lichaba suffers a stroke as health worsens

Legendary actress and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba Lichabas health has worsened after she suffered a stroke and was admitted on Wednesday. Her health has deteriorated since she collapsed while driving to Welkom from Joburg early this year.Sophie Ndaba

A relative of the former Generations actress who leaked the developments to Sunday World on condition of anonymity, pleaded with South Africans to pray for…learn more

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