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A very married Magongwa gets cozy with Sthoko on a school trip: Skeemsaam

Sthoko and a very married Magongwa have been skating on thin ice for a while now, with undeclared feelings and overwhelming lust in the air. Now that they were away from preying eyes (or so they think) they have been getting more comfortable around each other.

Fans are sure that something sinister will happen between the two and they know for a fact that all hell will break loose once they return to Turf. If you’ve met Celia Magongwa then you know for sure… k’sazobalit!

Here are some of the reactions and predictions below:

Source – News 365

In Other News – Nomzano Mbatha decides to “silence the shame” and open up about her sisters suicide

An emotional Nomzamo took to Instagram to pour out her heart for the whole world to see. She openly shared how finding her baby sister in her family garden after she had taken her own life is still a tragedy that haunts her to this day.Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo further added that it’s a heartbreak she will never recoverer from. This brought many insecurities and self-doubt, and usually, these two feelings always tend to stick around a little longer even after healing wants to take place. continue reading

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