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Loot love and Reason have broken up

It has been months since we have seen Mzansi’s hippest couple Luthando Shosha and Reason together and the rumours of their separation have been going on for a while now.

Late last year she tweeted a rather telling tweet of the state of her relationship with her baby daddy.
Loot love and Reason

“When I turned 30 I made a deal with myself to stop learning the hard way. I promised to LEARN the lesson so the toxic cycle stops repeating itself, I made a promise to find my voice and I promised to stop slowing myself down so those around me can catch up. To GROWTH!”
The couple who have twin baby girls unfollowed each other last month and Lootlove deleted all of her’s and Reason’s boo’d up pictures from her Instagram account.


They never commented on the rumours but Lootlove has finally decided to come clean after being asked about it by a publication.

The press release said in part: “Sizwe and I have separated but we continue to partner gracefully in raising our beautiful kids. I think anyone going through something this complex and painful would understand why l wouldn’t want anyone to have a front row seat to my grieving but with that being said… Sizwe and I remain friends”
Their fans where shocked by the news

Source – Zalebs

In Other News – Sarah Langa speaks about the stress of going shopping

Model and influencer Sarah Langa‘s worries about contracting Covid-19 after heading out to get essentials.

Sarah Langa

“Every time I leave the house to go to the shops, I come back feeling like I have coronavirus, then I lay in bed for two days convincing myself I have symptoms and that I might die soon. I’m actually in hell,” she said. continue reading

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