Thursday, June 24, 2021

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LISTEN | Sam SmiLISTEN | Sam Smith and Burna Boy’s My Oasis will leave you in your feelingsth and Burna Boy’s My Oasis will live you in your feelings

LISTEN | Sam Smith and Burna Boy’s My Oasis will leave you in your feelings

It’s hard not to sing along when a Sam Smith track starts playing. In fact, I often find myself belting out loud as I take in every sombre tone. Because let’s admit it, Sam knows their way around a sad song.

On Thursday the singer released their new track, My Oasis, which features Nigerian star Burna Boy.

While no one was quite sure what to expect, the snippet Sam shared on their Instagram page on Wednesday gave us a hint as to where the track would take us emotionally.

The catchy song is already stuck in my head, and the addition of Burna Boy’s distinct sound perfectly complements Sam’s. The sultry guitar strummed at the beginning of the track (and scattered throughout) immediately caught my attention, encouraging me to sway along to the beat.

“Hello all. My new song with @burnaboygram ‘My Oasis’ is officially out. I hope you love it like I do. Miss you and sending buckets of cyber love to you all x,” Sam wrote on Thursday.

No doubt this one will be topping charts soon.



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