Thursday, January 20, 2022

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Actress Linda Mtoba warns people about taking pictures of her without permission

Linda Mtoba has reckoned people to stop taking pictures of others without their permission. The star took to her social media to let it known saying some celebs find themselves in situation where they might not be ready to take pictures.Linda Mtoba

Well, it looks like Linda is not a fan of it as she let her followers know how she feels about it. She asked why some people get offended when others request they don’t take pictures of them.Linda Mtoba

“Why do people get offended when asked to not snap or take videos of other people. It’s that person’s choice. Don’t go around videoing people without permission.

In Other News – VIDEO of Kelly Khumalo performing rituals emerges

If it is anything that has to do with singer Kelly Khumalo, then you probably know how people are most likely going to react, there is a lot that has been questioned about Kelly.Kelly-Khumalo-performing-rituals There has always been this perception that people do not understand her character and with this particular story, one would say that this proves that, in a way. Kelly did things that have led to some of the...learn more

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