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Nomzamo Mbatha reacts to a touching letter from a young girl

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha has been a major inspiration for one girl at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. The actress, who was a keynote speaker at the school’s recent graduation ceremony, was stunned to receive a heartwarming letter from a young girl named Tshireletso. In a video shared on Twitter, the schoolgirl is seen hugging Nomzamo with someone in the background saying: “Mam, she’s your biggest fan. She’s got pictures of you on her wall. Although she didn’t say much in the video, Tshireletso shared in her letter that she had been waiting a long time to meet Nomzamo, and was inspired by how she carried herself.

“God knows how long I had waited for this moment, the moment when I could finally tell you, face to face, how much you inspire me. Your beauty blew me away, but more importantly your heart. Thank you for your kind words, thank you for you. Sis Nomzamo. My Role Model.

Nomzamo Mbatha


Chuffed and taken aback by the warm gesture, Nomzamo replied to the girl’s tweet and expressed how emotional the letter made her, and said she was inspired by the girl’s bravery, which she believes will take her far. I read your letter, halfway through I couldn’t hold back the fountain of tears and my heart breaking and coming back all together again. Thank you. For your bravery. For your love. I know I will see you again soon. Your depth, girl … your depth will take you far.

Source: News365

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