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Lethabo Molotsi – Keep on smiling baby

It is said, when our smiling muscles contract, they fire a signal back to the brain, stimulating our reward system, and further increasing our level of happy hormones, or endorphins. In short, when our brain feels happy, we smile; when we smile, our brain feels happier.

Lethabo Molotsi

Smiling seems to be a great recipe for joy and a lot of people have used it in many different ways, like confusing the hater, showing appreciation or pleasure. Here is one of the Insta hotties, Lethabo Molotsi who her life seems to be flowing way because of smiling.

Lethabo Molotsi

Taking to her Instagram through a post she shared, ‘Keep on smiling baby ?‘. This caption is after her beautiful looking picture of herself in an amazing two-piece outfit, where she can be seen smiling.

Lethabo Molotsi

In other news – Minnie Dlamini gets dressed up & looks 50 shades of fine for her Mr. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Jones are the cutest and most inspiring couple ever. They have been married for just over two years now and their love is still shining bright. Minnie got all dressed up for her man for date night in Japan. Minnie Dlamini Jones got all dressed up for her bae, Quinton Jones, for date night – gurl looked all kinds of fine!

Minnie Dlamini

Being one of the most inspirational and loved Mzansi celeb couples, Minnie and Quinton share a bond that can conquer anything. Briefly knows just how much Minnie loves her Mr. Jones. There is nothing these two would not do for one another. continue reading

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