Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Meet Lasizwe’s new boyfriend Wiseman Zitha aka Mondli From The River

Lasizwe Dambuza seems to have finally settled after a lot of speculation surrounding his relationship. The question about whether he is straight or gay has been answered.

Lasizwe’s boyfriend is Mondli, real name Wiseman Zitha from The River. Wiseman appeared on SABC soapie Giyani – The Land of Blood. He is also a model and brand influencer.Wiseman Zitha

Mondli’s identity has finally been unmasked after a series of posts on social media by Lasizwe, where Lasizwe never showed the face of his new boyfriend. The TV personality who seems to be much in love posted cosy pictures of the two of them hugging and embracing each other on the bed.

In all the pictures, Mondli was facing away from the camera.

Social media police have since embarked on an investigation to identify the mystery man. Wiseman was spotted with Lasizwe at Altitude beach and also spotted kissing at a club.

In the first video that Lasizwe posted while celebrating achieving 1 million followers on Instagram, Mondli’s face was not revealed as he was seen entering Lasizwe’s house while holding a basket of flowers, fruits and a balloon.

He stares on Lasizwe’s portrait on the wall before proceeding to the pool area and feeding his lover with some strawberries.

The pair later engaged in a pillow fight, read a book together before Lasizwe read a gift card by Mondli written:

Your heart is pure gold, I hope you find someone to treasure you like the gold you are.

He later posted his picture and Mondli while lying on the bad, with his boyfriend grabbing his waist with a catchy caption:

I wish that could have this moment for life! Coz at this moment I just feel so alive.

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