Friday, July 30, 2021

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Lasizwe’s #JohnVuliGate Challenge Leaves Mzansi In Stitches – Video

Lasizwe’s #JohnVuliGat Challenge Leaves Mzansi In Stitches – Video

Influencer and TV personality Lasizwe Dambuza, has left his fans in stitches with his John Vuli Gate Challenge.


The social influencer instead of just dancing it out, Lisaziwe acted it out and nailed. The celebrated TV personality acted it out as an SOS so that John could just open the gate.
Many people have weighed into the challenge, some might have had some backlashes but Lisaziwe actually left many in stitches. Lasizwe acted like he was pressed and yelled for John to open the gate so he could rush to the toilet. He did a very good imitation of a person with a full baller while screaming for John to open the gate.

The John Vuli Gate challenge has taken everyone in Mzansi by storm, with celebrities joining in and everyone was keen to see Lasizwe try out the challenge. In the backdrop of the Jerusalema challenge, the John Vuli Gate challenge and song have been already dupped as the December hit.

John Vuli gate is currently a Mzansi hit song by Mapara A Jazz ft Ntosh Gaz and Colano. The song thrust into the limelight of trends after a group of young ladies butt-wiggling dancing went viral.Arianna

In Other News – Police find Senzo Meyiwa murder weapon

Nearly six years after he was murdered in cold blood, the South African Police Service (SAPS) have reportedly made a massive breakthrough in unmasking his killer after it emerged the weapon used to commit the crime, has been found.


The then Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates goalkeeper was killed by unknown men in Vosloorus, at the house of…learn more

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