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Lasizwe: I am enjoying going on dates and meeting new people


Social media star Lasizwe Dambuza seems to be enjoying the single life. Over the weekend, the “Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It” star shared on Twitter that following his very public break-up with his ex-boyfriend, he’s having fun in the dating scene and meeting new men – and trying to figure out if it’s something short or long term.Lasizwe-Dambuza

He said: “I’m really enjoying this phase I’m in of going out on dates, meeting new men, getting to know them and figuring out if I want you for a long time or a good time.”
Lasizwe had a whirlwind romance earlier this year after being left in tears when seeing his ex-boyfriend leave for Cape Town.Lasizwe1

He then found that his ex-boyfriend had never made it to the Mother City – as he bumped into him at Great Dane, a popular watering hole in Joburg. Following this, the ex-boyfriend made an appearance on Lutando Luu’s, who he’s apparently friends with, on Instagram Live.

The duo are seen in bed together in a short clip shared by Twitter user @MathabaJorge. In the video, they appear to throw shade at Lasizwe with both of them saying “Why are you heartbroken?”, with Sam Smith’s “Too Good For Goodbyes” playing in background.

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