Friday, October 15, 2021

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Lady boldly proposes to her boyfriend in public – Video

A bold lady got social media users talking after she was sighted proposing her boyfriend in a video which has now gone viral. This is now the new norm, as there have been more reports on women proposing. Though, years ago, it seems weird, as it was believed that men were the only rightful persons to shoot their shot.

In the video, those around the couples expressed much excitement as the man goes to her, hugs her and accepts the proposal. The young lady was on her kneel with her hand holding the box of the ring when she proposed.

As seen in the video, the gentleman’s name is Daniel, and there’s been a different reaction to the footage.

Watch video below

In Other News:‘John Vuli Gate’ girl dragged over her photos with Uzalo’s Wiseman Mncube

When 19-year-old Arianna Katt set out to do the John Vuli Gate dance-off with her friends, she had no idea she would get the attention of the whole nation.

Arianna Katt

Arianna Katt has become an overnight sensation, making the headlines from...learn more

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