Kwesta drops two new releases

Kwesta has left many fans with chest pains after dropping two fire singles on Friday.

The award-winning artist dropped the songs as part of as a track EP 2 Skeif. Titled Njandini featuring Makwa and the second single The Finesse features Riky Rick.

Kwesta’s two new releases have fans craving for Bheki Cele to open up the streets again and they can head out to their favourite groove spots so they can enjoy the song, eish lockdown.

The songs were produced by Gobi Beast and Kwesta says that he had to clear his throat for the tracks.

In an exclusive interview with ZAlebs, Kwesta had shared during the lockdown he has been busy in the studio, creating music in.

The lockdown has also forced the rapper to adapt to new ways to making music, with him being fortunate enough to have a home studio he is able to record himself, which comes with its perks and joys.

“Making music by yourself you can at least take the ideas as far as you want without sort of thinking, eish what is the engineer gonna say if I do like this and another great thing I’ve become better at recording myself cause I wasn’t so, I’ve improved I’m starting to mix here and there.”

Kwesta Kwesta

Kwesta also explains that Zoom meetings and facetime have become the new way of doing things, he and his team having to adapt in order for things to get done.

“So all the music I make I go “Hey Tshego I’ve got something for you check your email”, then he will find it and do something on it and then send it back and then I send it back and forth. So that’s pretty much how we are working right now,” says Kwesta.

Source – News365

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Linda Sebezo

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