Friday, October 15, 2021

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Khanyi Mbau’s Dubai drama was a marketing strategy for her upcoming single

Well, it seems as if the whole Dubai drama was just one of those marketing strategies Mbau used to promote her forthcoming single Dubai. However, Mbau is trending after her viral teaser got Mzansi talking.

Khanyi Mbau is finally set to officially release her song titled, Shiya indoda eDubai and it’s in collaboration with Sir Trill.

Some days ago, the TV personality blithely sang about dumping her boyfriend in Dubai at a club and lots of social media users expressed disappointment in her behaviour, as the video went viral.

Khanyi seems unbothered with the complaints as she’s taken the song to the next level by featuring one of Mzansi’s favourite Amapiano vocalists, Sir Trill.

Video of the two working on the song in a studio has gone viral on social media, and people have expressed their feelings about it. However, it was recently reported that Just In: Khanyi Mbau missing in Dubai, Zimbabwean boyfriend pleads for help.

No doubt they have been serving goals of late and their Dubai baeaction got Mzansi talking. Well in the mix of things it has been reported that Khanyi Mbau is missing and anyone with her whereabouts has been advised to get hold of Kudzai Mushonga.

News reaching South Africa has it that Khanyi Mbau ghosted Kudzai Terrence Mushonga. However little is known about her whereabouts but Mushonga is devastated and shattered in Dubai. The two are known to be on vacation in Dubai, and they’ve been serving love goals with sizzling vacay content on social media.

Well taking to social media the Zimbabwean billionaire claims to be looking for his girlfriend, Khanyi. However, Mushonga has it that after paying for Khanyi’s daughter, Khanukani school fees, she then went to a saloon and promised to pick her up after she’s done.

Kudzai returned to where they lodged to make them dinner, but to his surprise, the South African TV personality never got back to him, nor pick his calls.

He returned to the salon at midnight to look for her, but to his greatest surprise, the salon has closed since 10 pm. Kudzai resolved to seek help on his Instagram stories as he claims to have done nothing for her to disappear or run away from him.

“I have never cheated on you since the day I met you, I have taken care of you since day one. Why do I get treated like this?” Kud said in one of his posts to Khanyi.


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