Monday, September 20, 2021

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Kenya Moore spills the tea on her disastrous date with Kanye West

Kenya Moore has revealed that she once had a terrible date with Kanye West. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star opened up about her ill-fated date with the 43-year-old rapper, explaining that things got awkward when he took her to his house and started watching “explicit” content on TV.

Speaking to Wendy Williams, Kenya, 49, said: “I did go out with Kanye once. That was a disaster.

“Somehow, we ended up going to his house and there was, like, some very explicit things on TV. I was lost, he left me alone, I was just there for like five minutes, wandering around his house.

“When I followed the noises, he was watching something on TV that he probably shouldn’t have been. So, that was my exit! As much as I love him, it was just the craziest thing.”

Kanye went on to marry Kim Kardashian West in 2014, while Kenya is working on rebuilding her relationship with husband, Marc Daly, who she married in 2017 but split from in 2019.

She previously said: “We’re actually getting along better than we’ve gotten along probably shortly after we got married.

“I mean it’s just been no arguments, no real fights or disagreements and he’s been really sweet and caring and thoughtful.

“It’s like ‘Wow, you know, this is the man I’m married.'”


In Other News: Nadia Nakai takes her career to another level

The first episode of Nadia Nakai’s new show “The Naked Room” aired on Channel O this week. This is yet another win in Nadia Nakai’s year which has seen her get a lucrative hunters endorsement deal and she also successfully released the documentary, Nadia Naked, for her 2019 hit album.

Nadia Nakai

In the initial announcement a few weeks ago the rapper had said that the new show was a product of the coronavirus pandemic. She revealed that the pandemic had inspired her a lot to…learn more

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