Saturday, July 31, 2021

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Kelly Khumalo comes after man who slide into her DMs

As Valentine’s Day is upon, many will be celebrating the day by exchanging gifts and lovebirds will certainly pull out all the stops for fancy vacations, gifts and romantic outings.

To those who haven’t found love, the day could possibly bring loneliness and heartache and Kelly Khumalo is not in a rush to be in a relationship, merely for Valentine’s Day.Kelly Khumalo4

In a hilarious video she shared on her Instagram page, the songstress slammed men who slide into her DMs and blackmail her for not responding. Kelly who once shocked fans after with her Russian accent, this time around she opted for a Pakistani English accent which left everyone in stitches.Kelly Khumalo 1

She said just because its Valentines tomorrow she is not under pressure to find new love.

“My brother, I don’t respond because I don’t want you. So don’t bring this thing of blackmailing me because tomorrow its Valentine’s and now I must feel bad because I refused you. I am going to wait for the one i want, I want the one I love and I am not going to compromise.” She issued a stern warning to her fans that they should not fall for relationships because of Valentines Day.

In Other News: ‘Mami is soft and tender’ says Mihlali Ndamase gushes over her cookie after first Vagacial

YouTuber and lover of all things make-upMihlali Ndamase has just announced that she went for her first vagacial, 48 hours before Valentine’s Day!Mihlali Ndamase

The controversial star who never holds back tweeted: “Got my first vagacial today, chile I’m definitely making this a...learn more

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