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Home Workout Sources To Keep You In Shape During This Lockdown Period

Amid the COVID-19 situation, we are all basically stuck indoors, the gym is closed, schools are closed, its easy to have your mood sink during a time like this

We here at CelebsNow, aim to keep you up to date with all the latest news but we also have a few tips on how you can keep fit indoors. Below we have recommended 3 fitness instructors that provide free effective workout videos.

Exercise does not only get your body in shape it affects and influences your mood in an awesome way

  1. Kim French  Kim is an Australian certified fitness instructor who posts daily short videos with instructions, best part “No gym needed!” YAY!!!. All her workouts are home workouts, there is not gender specification and they are challenging for those who like going the extra mile and really “FEELING” the pain in a workout. You can find her on Instagram
  2.  Popsugar Fitness Popsugar is a YouTube Channel that has numerous uploads of at home exercises, check them out you might find you are at the beginning of your fitness journey
  3. Budanova Liza    Budanova Liza, gives tips on the correct way of doing exercises and the wrong way of doing exercises. She is also found on Instagram and has no YouTube channel

We hope that our suggestions get you jumping off that couch and enjoying the goodness of physical training in your own living room

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COVID-19 has led a lot of people to extreme means in the name of trying to make money. Moonchild Sanelly has recently found out that people are trying to use her name to make money,  she recently discovered that people are offering other artists a feature from her

This happened before Sindi Dlathu experienced an impostor, who impersonated Sindi on twitter, continue reading



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