Monday, October 18, 2021

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Ginimbi’s partner in crime Karim Cazal Funeral in Malawi – Video

Karim was one of the four victims who died in the Ginimbi accident in Harare two weeks ago, coming from a party at Ginimbi’s club The Dream.

The Rolls Royce careered off the road and smashed into a tree before catching fire. Kandungure was thrown off the vehicle and died at the scene along with three friends named as – Karim, Elisha and Moana, who was celebrating her birthday.

The other two who also died in the accident are being overshadowed by the big statuses of Ginimbi and Moana. But here are the other two who also died in the sad horrific accident.

This is Karim Cazal who was known by his close circle as Chairman, he was a close associate of Boss Ginimbi, hence he was in the car together with Ginimbi and Moana.

Watch video below of his funeral in his homeland of Malawi

In Other News: Nadia Nakai’s b00ty shaking video causes chaos

Nadia Nakai has taken to her social media to share a video of herself with a friend enjoying their life to the fullest.

Nadia Nakai

The star decided to put work aside to have fun. Nadia was seen rocking a s.e.xy swim suit as she dances to a song played in the background shaking what…learn more

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