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Kardashian family finds Kanye West’s new home move very weird

Kim Kardashian‘s family is uncomfortable about Kanye West buying a house right across her street.
After the rapper invested $4.5 million to tear down and rebuild a house near Kim’s, the reality star’s family thinks the diva is in for a bit of trouble.

As per HollywoodLife, an insider justifies how other sisters, including Kourtney and Khloe manage to co-parent even with their children’s fathers living a few miles away.

“While Kim is okay with Kanye’s decision to buy a house across the street, her family is not really feeling this at all. They think that it is just a little bit weird, in fact, and said to Kim that no one buys a house across the street from their ex-wife while they are divorcing,” our source said.

“Kourtney and Khloe’s exes see their kids and they don’t live across the street. Everyone around her just feels that Kim needs to set boundaries. Kanye could have bought a house a couple blocks away and he would have been able to have the same access to the kids. But right across the street, the Kardashian’s feel, is just a little bit too strange,” the source added. Kim filed fro divorce from Kanye in 2021. The rapper is yet to sign the deed to seal their decision.

Source: People

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