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WATCH: Dancer Kamo Mphela reveals that she is still a v!rgin

WATCH: Dancer Kamo Mphela reveals that she is still a v!rgin

Kamo Mphela has got South Africans taking after revealing she is still a v!rgin during a Podcast and Chill interview with Mac G.The Amapiano dancer sat down with Mac G to speak about her life and career in Episode 190.Kamo Mphela

The multi-talented musician says she is doing music, acting and choreography.
They started talking about her childhood and also her relationship with her dad, who happened to work with Mac G at YFM.

When I was a kid, I performed with Mzekezeke and it was the coolest thing ever. My dad supported me but i did not want him to run my career. I actually wanted to be an actress.
Kamo says her ambition is to eventually leave South Africa and settle overseas as she is a fan of travelling and is also interested in advancing her career.

I really want to become an international artist. I want to have an impact differently. Even if I blew up here but I want they can take credit from my being from here but I want to be international. I have studied the game and there is a whole lot of stuff that i don’t like. I have seen Cassper is actually the best but he actually fights for his place. How do you stay at the top if you have reached your peak in South Africa?

Asked how the fame tastes like, she said she is not after fame.

Asked about artists she looks forward to, Kamo said:

I never used to follow any celebrities so I don’t really look up to someone. I take certain things for example from Beyonce I like the quality of the performance.

Watch the full episode below:

-Savvana News

In Other News – Media Personality Pearl Modiadie shows off her baby bump for the first time

Now that her little one has been born and is in good health, Modiadie is finally giving fans a glimpse into her pregnancy journey. After months of remaining mum (pun intended) about expecting her first child, media personality Pearl Modiade has shared her first picture of her baby bump.


This is due to a number of beliefs aimed at ensuring the safest possible passage into the world for the unborn child. Now that her little one has…continue reading

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