Friday, October 15, 2021

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The Queen’s Kagiso Opens Up About Breaking his V!rginity

The Queen’s Kagiso Opens Up About Breaking his V!rginity

Part 2 of Podcast And Chill with Mac G saw Loyiso Macdonald, dig deep into his personal life again, and left no stone unturned to spill the tea on some of his life experiences. During the interview, Loyiso opened up about being a disbeliever, how he broke his v!rginity, and setting the records straight on rumours that he cheated on his ex-wife with TV actress Zandile Msutwana.Loyiso Macdonald1

Not one to shy away from speaking about some of his deepest personal issues, the TV star left fans in the control of their collective seats, when he spoke about how he broke his virginity just after matric. He said it was a girl he was in a relationship with for some time. When asked about how his s.e.xual harassment trouble did not turn him into a monster, the actor said, despite being a victim of abuse one has to take responsibility to deal with it and become a better person.

“A person has to take responsibility for their actions, you gotta decide what your reaction is going to be in life you cannot control what happens to you generally, you lose your job, COVID, v!rginity but you can control how you respond to the situation. I’m a firm believer and it has to start with the person taking responsibility for themselves and say I need to come to grips with whatever is going through in my life and I need to take the necessary steps to do that,” he said.

Loyiso said people need to seek help to deal with their suffering. He said what helped him in his healing process, was speaking to his family about everything.

In Other News – Siyabonga Shibe (Qabanga) And Baby Cele (Gabisile) Fired From Uzalo

Uzalo Qabanga and Gabizile fired after a tiff with the producer. The Uzalos favorite couple has been on the news after news broke out they have been fired from the Uzalo show. There are reports that Uzalo actor Siyabonga Shibe will be leaving the show. Siyabonga Shibe plays the role of the beloved Qhabanga.


The news was confirmed by entertainment news guru Phil Mphela, who said the actor was on his way out of the soapie. Shibe was rumoured to have…read more

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