Saturday, July 31, 2021

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Similarities between AKA and Da L.E.S’ daughters has Mzansi talking – Photos

Even if you don’t look similar to each other like twins, there will be certain bits or features of your body that make you look alike.

Many people we know who look similar but are not related, especially celebrities, since they are in the public eye, it is very easy to pair them with people who look like them. When you tell someone they look alike, particularly if they are not related, some people are offended, but others will just laugh it off.AKA AND DA LES1

Unrelated people also look similar, as we’ve seen in many instances, and we do have celebrities that look alike but aren’t related, such as Minenhle Dlamini-jones and Boity, who were once mistaken for twins.

People, including AKA and Da Les’ daughters, have found that they have something in common after seeing a photo of them with their fathers taken on a tennis court.

We all know AKA and Da Les are best friends, but the photo caused some of their fans to lift their eyebrows because they thought the girls looked alike, as if they were sisters.

Madison is the daughter of Aurae Alexander Da L.E.S. baby mama, who is being accused of being impregnated by AKA .People noticed all of this after hearing about these allegations labelled against DA L.E.S. baby mama.

In Other News: Somizi’s photos wearing grey pants showing his privates leave ladies talking – Pictures

Somizi is at again flaunting his manhood on social media. The flamboyant TV personality cannot seem to get enough of his own privates.somizi2

This is not the first time he has decided to show off his package to the public.Taking to Instagram, Somizi posts a few pictures of himself with the...learn more

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