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Uyajola9/9 Host Jub Jub Dishes Advice On Mjolo

Having hosted Uyajola 9/9 for so many seasons, Jub Jub has an idea or two of places where people should not look for love, and they are both in the Eastern Cape.

For the TV host, Port Elizabeth, eBhayi or eMonti are no-go areas if you are in search of love. Jub Jub says if people are looking for serious and stable relationships, then they should not even consider searching there because every body belongs to everyone there.Jub Jub

In a hilarious Instagram video, Jub Jub said he loves the Xhosa nation but when it comes to relationships, he gives them a thumbs down. “Ziyakhala manje lana eBhayi. At eMonti they say there nobody belongs to anybody there. They say everybody is everybody. Don’t tell us you are going to Eastern Cape, eMonti or PE. Those places are notorious and you wanna go there to look for a girlfriend, or boyfriend. You’ll regret it. They’ll show you flames. amaXhosa are my people. I know them. They drink a lot and I hang out with them.”

Jub Jub
Jub Jub

The next few episodes are going to be fire as he and his team are shooting at Port Elizabeth – the land where everybody is for everybody!

The last few episodes were so heated that Jub Jub too was left perplexed. In one of the previous episodes, Jub Jub was confronted by a polygamist who saw no fault with having more girlfriends, “Brother let me explain to you. We are Zulu Men. We flirt with women and we also take more than one wife.” He said to Jub Jub who was left dumbfounded.

Some of the episodes are so extreme that people often accuse Uyajola 9/9 for being scripted. In fact the scripted rumours were exposed to be apparently true as a woman named Nontuthuko ‘Blondie’ said Uyajola producers paid her R1000 to become a side chick. She appeared last season where she said even her family called out for fooling with other people’s men. But she said it was all just for show. She approached Isolezwe and said she got paid R1000 to act.

“We shot the scenes at the man’s home and his girlfriend does not suspect him of cheating. I was paid R1000 but the couple was paid R2000 so they could also act out the whole thing and not say a word to anybody.

“Even the condoms were placed by me because I was instructed by the producers to do anything I can to make the episode seem real. I continued acting the whole scene out because I was promised a large sum of money, little did I know, I was going to be given a mere R1000. As it is, my family and I do not get along as they do not believe me when I say I was just acting and I was paid,” said Nontuthuko.

In other news – Harriet Khoza (Connie Ferguson) finds love again (Photos)

The Queen’s Harriet (Connie Ferguson) has been glowing and deeply in love ever since she made her return. Harriet has always played the ruthless drug peddling Queen hell-bent on destroying anyone and anything in her way.Connie Ferguson However, we have now been subjected to another side of The Queen that we love. The Queen’s Harriet, Connie Ferguson finds love againLearn more

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