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Jessica Mbangeni responds to Maponya Funeral Criticism

Jessica Mbangeni was forced to defend herself after her funeral attire generated the wrong feedback. The late Richard Maponya’s funeral was filled with mistakes and mishaps and social media spectators were not impressed. First, the SAPS caused quite a stir with their confusion of ‘left’ and ‘right’. A viral clip of their blunder might have been amusing for some however, for many it was seen as a sign of total disrespect. Another insensitive moment came when joy praise-poet Jessica Mbangeni rocked up wearing priesthood regalia, confusing many who know her as ‘Imbongi.’


Jessica Mbangeni

Speaking to TshisaLive, a fuming Jessica explained that she was not intending on explaining her calling to priesthood to any of her critics. She said that the picture was pretty clear and added that she would not be engaging with anyone who is not relevant.

“Twitter can interpret the picture as they want, I am not going to explain myself. The picture speaks a thousand words, what more do they want? I only reply or will respond to profound and relevant people who have brains and know what is happening,” said Mbangeni.

“They don’t know everything about me and I’m not married to them.” She emphatically concluded. The Imbongi also faced criticism when she showed up at the marquee uninvited. It is reported that the SAPS official called for a family member to recite a poem. This is when Mbangeni also made her way to the front and she was later asked to leave by the SAPS official.

After the family member was done with the poem, the SAPS asked Mbangeni to leave the marquee. Hitting back at critics and not looking to give strength to people who are not involved with her life in any way, she boldly said if the family never wanted her at the funeral, they would have informed her.

Source: News365

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