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TV star Innocent Matijane involved in a brutal bar fight with a relative


ACTOR, radio host and reality TV star Innocent Matijane was involved in a fight.

According to his Twitter thread on Monday, the fight happened on Sunday night between a The Way Ngingakhona reality show cast member and his relative.

It was apparently so bad that police had to be called.

In his thread, he did not reveal what had led to the fight, but wrote that it had left him so disappointed that he now wanted nothing to do with any reality TV show.

“I always knew I never wanted to do #thewayngingakhona season 3. Should there be any season after this one, I’m good. Reality TV isn’t easy. Police got involved last night when my family and a cast member started fighting at a club, in front of everyone who was trying to stop it,” Innocent tweeted.

“I’m hurt because this weekend, I carried myself with so much respect, dedicating something special to my late mom. Somehow I got involved because people were bothered by the fact that I wasn’t bothered; they wanted me to cause drama, but I chose peace. That’s what bothered people,” he continued.

“Never have I been so mortified in my life. I have a friend going around making it their mission to gather people to hate me, and I also have to deal with some beef between my family and a cast member,” he wrote.

His twitter friends comforted him.

Winnie Mkhwanazi wrote: “Very sorry to hear that. Dust yourself and walk tall like nothing happened, put a smile on that beautiful face. Just remember you have a good heart, and are smart and beautiful. God will deal with whoever hurt you, just know you are enough.”

Kgomotso Madibeng said: “Askies, the good you do will always be noticed by mature ones. It’s just that we get to learn that in life, there’s always people who don’t appreciate efforts made. God will take control indeed.”

Twitter user Bubbles, who had thought it was all scripted, wrote: “I hope you heal Inno. I’m so embarrassed because I thought everything was scripted.”

Daily Sun understand that the cast of The Way Ngingakhona is currently shooting season two. An insider told the People’s Paper that there was a fight.

“Unfortunately, I cannot disclose much details as it did not involve me.”

Producer and creator of the show, Nthati Molefe, could not confirm nor deny the incident, only saying: “I shall be responding in the next two hours.”

At the time of publishing, she still had not responded.

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