Saturday, July 31, 2021

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Gigi LaMayne almost raped during horrific hijacking – Video

Not so long ago, South African rapper, Gigi Lamayne informed her followers that she got hijacked. Sharing her registration plate, she asked them to lookout of the vehicle.

“My team and I have just been hijacked. H1 JG 75 TF GP Hyundai 2019. Please keep a look out. That’s why I have my phone. I just got out and I ran with my phone. I know it wasn’t the safest thing to do.”

A few hours later, she informed her fans that the vehicle had been found. Detailing the horrific experience, Gigi said that the guy wanted to rape her as punishment for throwing her phone into the bush. “He wanted to rape me as punishment for throwing my phone into the bush. Take the car broer. Just leave me intact.” She told him to take the car and ran away.

This has left her sick to her stomach. “Worst part is besides the fact that you’re doing this, you’re still audacious enough to even think of raping somebody. I feel sick.”

Sharing videos from the scene where the car was retrieved. She revealed that everyone is now safe and sound.

Car Tracker SA revealed on social media that they found her car. The hijackers were attempting to take the tracker.“@Gigi_Lamayne was hijacked hours ago thanks to her car tracker found their vehicle she was almost raped on this incident for throwing her phone in the bush.”

Back in March Gigi revealed that she’s always had to fight since joining the music industry. “I’ve had to fight since I joined This industry. Your artists Are worse though. They are traitors to the culture. I was apparently too dark and ugly to make it now people wanna smile? Why?”


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