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“How are y’all still so ignorant? – Comedian Nina Hastie slams white privilege


“How are y’all still so ignorant? – Comedian Nina Hastie slams white privilege

She may tell jokes for a living but there was no comedy in sight when comedian Nina Hastie took to Twitter to put white privilege on blast after she had an awkward political conversation.

The comedian, who is known to call out prejudice, racism, and many other injustices when she sees them, took to her TL to share a lil situation she found herself in recently that left her fuming.nina

Nina said a conversation that involved opinions about Jacob Zuma, corruption and how “broken parastatals are apartheid legacies” – which she held different opinions about – got heated.

While she left out details of the people she addressed with her scathing tweets, her message was pretty clear.nina1

“a) I really wish Yt (slang for white) people would stop thinking it’s okay to have their political opinions, when I’m not in a position when I can’t respond (my mouth was clamped literally) b) And be surprised when I don’t agree and c) feel offended when I give you another perspective.”

Nina questioned and slammed the ignorance she detected in that conversation that sparked her anger.nina2

“For f***sakes man if you bring up b***s*** politics at lunchtime on a Tuesday, that’s up to you. These same people don’t even know who the deputy president is. They also think that NDZ is still married to Gedleyihlekisa and she’s his spokesperson.”

“How is it that with all the privilege and access and hours of Carte Blanche – are people so ignorant?” she asked.

Check out her full thread below.




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