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Gogo Maweni shows off incredible body transformation – PHOTOS

Former reality show star Izangoma Zodumo Gogo Maweni, also known as Gogo Maweni, looks snatched after her plastic surgery. Her chest looks flatter, and so does her tummy. On Mother’s Day, she attended a fitness event called Thick Lifestyle; she wore short tights, a crop top and a pink tutu over the socks.Gogo Maweni1

As the traditional healer was at the event, she looked completely different. It’s been five weeks since she shared her post-operation images on social media, but she has healed. Maweni was doing aerobic exercises on stage. Exercising after a high weight loss surgery is advised by many doctors to keep the weight off. Maweni understood the assignment.

Two days before Mother’s Day, the famous traditional healer shared two body progress pictures. Gogo Maweni was a big girl with a large upper body, but now she looks more fit. She was in her home dressed minimally, so fans got the complete picture. Her husband got the photo credits for the two images of Maweni.Gogo Maweni2

As mentioned, she got two surgeries: a breast reduction and a nip and tuck. Many women get a nip and tucks, especially women with children. After a woman gives birth, this stubborn fat is on the lower abdomen. Getting rid of that fat is hard work, and many women are opting for nip and tucks.

Her second surgery is rather apparent. Women with larger chests do this surgery to minimise back pain and frequent tension headaches.

When she shared her progress pictures after the surgery, her fans were stunned by how amazing she looked. When they asked her about the surgery, Gogo Maweni said she couldn’t take the back pain anymore. As mentioned, many women do this surgery to relieve themselves of pain.

Over the past few weeks, the traditional healer was accused of bewitching The Queen actor Sk Khoza. She told people they could think whatever they wanted about her and continued living her best life.


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