Friday, July 30, 2021

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Ginimbi’s Ferrari convoy car catches fire in Harare CBD: Video

Boss Ginimbi’s Ferrari caught fire when it was being driven among the other cars in the convoy that was in Harare CBD to collect his body which was lying in state at Doves building where a church service was held too.

Ginimbis body is now on its way to Domboshava after a church service was held at Doves where the body was lying in state. The church service was attended by the likes of Pokello, Tazvi Mhaka who were wearing t-shirts written RIP GInimbi.

Ginimbi funeral update: Pokello arrives at Doves for a church service. Body to be taken to Domboshava for burial tomorrow. But as there was a bit of drama and chaos when his Ferrari seemed like it was burning as it produced smoke from its engine. The Ferrari was among the convoy that was there to collect his body. Watch video below


In Other News: Ginimbi’s housemaid of 15 years speaks on the JuJu rumours – Video

Businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungures death has sparked debate on mainstream and social media regarding the source of his wealth and his life in general. On social media, Genius Kadungure was the boss, he was a larger than life character, with followers who adored him.

Ginimbis house maid

While many saw him as a party animal, his manager of seven years Shaleen Nullens says he was a…learn more

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