Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Ginimbi’s rival Prophet Passion Java puts Chitungwiza on a standstill – Video

Passion Java was in Chitungwiza today as he visited his mother who stays there. This was just after Ginimbi had been laid to rest after having shutdown Harare CBD as his body was being collected from the funeral parlour he was lying in state.

Passion Java also attended the funeral and even posted videos on his social media platforms mourning the death of Ginimbi which he was constantly having rival wealth races on Instagram. He, however, explained that they were friendly rivals just meant for social media only.

Ginimbi was laid to rest today after a long week of mourning and celebrating his life. So after the funeral, Passion Java travelled to Chi-Town to see his mom and that’s when all the dram happened. As soon as residents recognised his convoy they caused a stampede. The whole of Chitungwiza was on standstill for some minutes as fans chanted his slogan Twabam. Watch video below

In Other News: Nandi Mbatha spill the tea on her nasty breakup with Anga

Nandi Mbatha has decided to come out on how she feels after her nasty breakup with Anga “Naakmusiq” Makhubalo. Recall, the star’s relationship with Anga did not go as planned as the two has decided to go separate ways and move on with their various lives.


Nandi revealed that their relationship was really smooth to the extent that she had to move in with him just after one…learn more

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