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Get To Know Nikita Murray Who Slept With Katlego Maboe And Infected Him With STD

Get To Know Nikita Murray Who Slept With Katlego Maboe And Infected Him With STD

Get to know Nikita Murray the woman behind Outsurance ambassador and SABC 3 Expresso breakfast show host Katlego Moboe cheating scandal. The entertainment industry can be an unforgiving place, and the slightest mistake can ruin one’s reputation and decades’ worth of work. The famous Katlego Maboe might have plotted his own downfall after his viral cheating scandal video went viral.

The trolls that come when a celebrity makes a mistake are another thing that no one would like to encounter. The award-winning star has made headlines again for the wrong reasons. Katlego Maboe is trending after a scandalous video made its way online. In the video, the award-winning Outsurance brand ambassador confessed to having slept with Nikita Murray.kahlego

The SABC 3 Expresso breakfast show has also suspended him from hosting the show. Before the video of Katlego Maboe made rounds on social media, most people did not know about Nikita Murray South Africa.

Nikita Love Life And Mariage

Nikita Murray is married to Matthew Murray. Despite being in the center of a cheating scandal Nikita is a mother to Jack Murray. Nikita has always shared photos of her family on social media platforms. In the wake of the scandal, she has, however, made the account private.Nikita Murra

Murray Works For Outsurance

Rumor has it that Nikita Murray works for Outsurance, which is an insurance company that Katlego Maboe works as an ambassador for. However, Outsurance is yet to issue a statement over the claims being peddled by the media. The company has revealed that it is removing all the TV commercials that Maboe has featured in.

Had An Extramarital Affair With Katlego

In the video that has been making rounds on social media, Katlego admitted having an affair with her. He also stated that he slept with Murray once in his hotel room. Many people have wondered who leaked the video. The viral video is alleged to have been taken by Katlego’s partner, Monique Muller, who confessed that Katlego infected her with an STD that is putting her at the risk of not conceiving a second baby.KATLEGO

The Viral Video Has Torn Apart Her Family

A couple of hours after the video had gone viral, Nikita Murray commented on the scandal. Nikita took it to Twitter to explain how the video has caused nothing but pain to her family.Nikita Murray speks

This video has caused nothing but pain to me and my family. An official statement will be released in the morning from my lawyers. I kindly ask that you please take it down and stop retweeting.

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South African media personality, Ntando Duma, has been serving some PDA on social media recently, and has surprisingly become very open about her relationship.

Ntando Duma

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