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Gay DJ Boss Lady fears for his life


Gays and lesbians are getting killed in Mzansi because of discrimination and hate

At least four gay men – Sphamandla Khoza, Nathaniel Mbele, Andile Ntuthela, and Lonwabo Jack – were killed in less than a month.

And that scares radio DJ Boss Lady from Newcastle in northern KZN.

The openly gay Boss Lady hosts a breakfast show at Lit Radio ZN, a community radio station based in Newcastle.

Real name Xolani Ngobeni (24), the presenter said he’d been discriminated against many times before.

“I’m scared to even go out to work. But if someone tries to abuse me because of my s.e.xuality, I’ll show them flames,” said Boss Lady.

“I’m Boss Lady, but Xolani is revived in me when I’m abused. I’m scared. But sometimes I feel that no one will protect me, so I must protect myself.

“I regard myself as a woman. I use female toilets. But I went this one time, and the security guard told me to go to another toilet.

“When I told her that I only use female toilets, she told me I was disabled because of my s.e.xuality, and said I should use toilets for the disabled.

“That was embarrassing. I realized that as gay people we’re isolated and discriminated against by society. This must stop.”

The DJ wished people could be taught about s.e.xuality so they may have a clear understanding.

“I pray that one day, as gay people, we will live in a discrimination-free country where we can enjoy who we are. I’m not free and I’m scared to even go to work.

Life is hard for us,” said Boss Lady.

-daily sun

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