Friday, October 15, 2021

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Nigerian Comedian Emmanuella surprises her mother with a beautiful house – Pics and Vids

Nigerian comedian Emmanuella buys her mother a fully furnished house, a move she described as a dream come true. Emmanuella who is signed under Mark Angel commedy revealed that building the house and furnishing it costed around USD$ 95 000.

We grew up in a poor environment, our parents struggled to cater for me and my siblings, it is a great honor to bless my parents at such an age, i thank God for the gift he entrusted me with. I wish to continue using my gift to inspire others and change communities, she said.

Emmanuella who herself is in philanthropy, providing school fees to over a thousand vulnerable school children and providing stationery and sanitary wear to the vulnerable vows to continue supporting the disadvantaged children.Watch the Video below

In Other News: Ginimbi’s Will details revealed, requested all his clothes to be burned

The late socialite and ostentatious businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure who died in a horrific Rolls-Royce accident on Sunday, died a day before he was supposed to sign his last will and testament.


The flamboyant businessman is reported to have had a premonition about his impending death, which resulted in him outlining how he…learn more

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