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Kelly Rowland talks embracing her womanhood

Award-winning musician Kelly Rowland talked about embracing her womanhood in a recent podcast with Essence. The star shared how she came into her own and began to embrace her sexiness.

Kelly revealed that she came into her womanhood and started feeling sexy after the release of her 2011 single, Motivation. She said in part; “Motivation gave me a taste of it, that was when I was 30, and then after having Titan, I think I lost my mojo And in these five years, it just continues to show itself, and it’s not even necessarily with body or anything. It’s how I feel about myself, how I feel about my mind, how I feel about how I contribute to my relationships in my life, how motherhood. Man, I think motherhood is some of the sexiest moments I’ve ever had in my life, you know what I mean?

Kelly Rowland

She continued; “I had this issue with the word pretty. I think pretty is just very like there and it exists. And just I think that for a long time, I even allowed myself to just be okay with pretty and didn’t even go under the surface to even allow people to see what else was there because I was uncertain about all of it.

On her music video for her new single, Coffee, Kelly shared that she shot the video in August 2019 in Miami. She said in part; “I had a moment where I thought, how was Eve in the garden? Was she self-conscious, or did she just stand in the womanhood that God made for her. But it took me a long time to get there. For so long I think society has been like ‘No cover that… Don’t see that.’ But then there’s Venus de Milo standing there in all her glory in a shell. [laughs] So, you’re going to get all of this.

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