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Easy checklist: what you must consider when hiring a driver

Any company wanting to hire a driver must consider several aspects of suitability. Since driving and logistics in general are specialized fields, it’s important to take into account all the prerequisite steps to be taken before settling on an option.

The most basic choice is between an informal hiring environment and high-quality professional services that are available nationwide.

Hiring a driver from an informal instance is liable to result in several difficulties. An unprofessional hirer isn’t qualified to make the personnel judgements and ascertain the levels of qualification that are vital to a reliable and efficient logistics program.

The best choice is the professional route

Making use of a professional outsourcing company is the best route. Such agencies provide pre-checked drivers with the necessary specialist skills to do the job securely.

Leading outsourcers such as MASA will ensure that drivers for hire in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg – as well as several other centres – have all the qualifications and on-road experience that ensure the safest transportation practices.

Among the paradigm checks offered by MASA, the following are essential to selecting a driver or driving pool:

  • Provision of drivers with specialized skills
  • Quality controls and checks
  • Ongoing training
  • Consultation and support
  • Range of services and availability

The importance of specialized skills

The importance of specialized skills can’t be overstated in a transport environment that deals with a large variety of transportable commodities, ranging from fragile or volatile products to commodities that are dangerous in transit.

MASA offers the hiring of specialist drivers in fields as diverse as automotive, oil and gas, live animals and produce, hospitality and tourism, food and beverage, and others. Today’s haulage and logistics industry is not a one-size-fits-all operation, and specialized skills are indispensable.

Qualification checks and tests

The last thing you want is a driver that lacks the skills you need to transport and deliver your product in good order.

Qualification checks and regular updates on training are vital in a transportation sector that is always developing. Scrutiny of licenses and permits, with good verification techniques, can only be assured by a professional company that knows the ropes.

The need for ongoing training

In Port Elizabeth, or any other complex urban centre with drivers for hire, there is a need for ongoing training to update qualifications and bring them in line with new techniques, industry regulations and changing norms.

Consultation for planning and problems

There are complicated aspects of logistics that can only be addressed by professional outsourcers like MASA. When hiring a driver it’s vital to have this kind of informational backing to ensure the smooth running of your transport hub.

A wide range ensures high efficiency

A wide range of services and their availability are crucial to efficient functioning because the drivers you hire work more efficiently when customized to fit the task.

This kind of range can only be developed by leading specialists in the field. MASA, with four decades of hands-on experience, offers the kind of service that takes checklist problems out of your hands and solves them before your driver hits the road.

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