Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Mzansi can’t get enough of the Qwabe Twins – Pictures

Qwabe Twins are the two ‘identical’ ladies, Viggy and Virginia Qwabe who participated in the 2019 SA Idols, a singing competition. Viggy and Virginia Qwabe were born in Stanger, Durban and most probably raised in a very religious environment since their father is the founder of the Pure Freedom Christ.Qwabe Twins1

Qwabe twins were born in 1997.It means that they are 24 years old this year. And they participated on Idol SA when they were only 22 years of age. The twin sisters were born and raised in Stanger,Durban,Kwazulu-Natal.Qwabe Twins0

A picture was recently shared on twitter of the Qwabe twins which left people speechless. They were both wearing blue dresses and some heals. People were really impressed with how they looked. Some went on to say they are definitely glowing. They come a long way and they are doing great. Some people were saying how it is the power of make-up, that is the main reason they look that good. Others saying it’s having money.

In Other News: Another video of lady of the hour 1Njuzu playing with her privates

Socialite 1Njuzu has gone viral again after another video has popped up on the social media platforms with her playing with her p#ssy.NjuzuMonalisa Henrietta C Zulu popularly known as 1Njuzu on her social media accounts is a Zimbabwean socialite based in South Africa. Njuzu has been causing chaos on social media recently as a leaked video of herself playing with her p#ssy watch here

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