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Duduzane Zuma threatens his father’s rivals

Duduzane Zuma

“If it is war they want, it is war they will get,” Duduzane Zuma threatens his father’s rivals

Duduzane Zuma has posted a threatening message on Twitter after his father received a letter from the Chief Justice. The former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma faces imprisonment after failing to appear in anti-corruption inquiry.

Lately Jacob Zuma has been dragged all to court and anti-corruption hearing due to allegations of Fraud and corruption during his tenure as the President. Taking to Twitter Duduzane decided to threaten his father’s rivals mentioning that if they want then his father will give them war.

“If it war they want, it is war they will get. My father won’t choose anything, let them decide but they must be ready to deal with the consequences!,” he posted.

This statement might look like a mere threat but it might also mean that Jacob Zuma has skeletons of those who want to implicate him and will certainly use that against them. Corruption and Fraud are two things African nations have been fighting and usually many leaders are taking part in corrupt deals.

Now that Zuma is facing the consequences, he will surely name drop his allies so that they all face the consequences.

Responding to Duduzane Zuma, people on Twitter are not impressed with the threat and now want to know what is it that his father is depending on that makes him so confident.

“He is lucky. When you step in South Africa I doubt you will be given the opportunity for dialogue.”

“Terrible choice of words in such a volatile country.”

“Let your father deal with the consequences of his actions first. You cannot hold South Africa at ransom.”

“Your father is not South Africa’s God. Keep threatening South Africans and you will be shocked that we actually care less about you or him.”


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