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Donald Moatshe has no time for bullies and hate

AFRO soul singer Donald has no time for bullies and hate. The singer, whose surname is Moatshe, said he was targeted on Twitter over the weekend and it was not for the first time. Speaking to Daily Sun, Donald said: “Even after I released my first hit song, I Deserve, people were doing this to me. There was nothing he could do as they’d always have something to say about him.

“There will be people who want to bring me down every single day. I’m at peace with everything. I don’t have time for hate. The 34-year-old from Kraalhoek, North West, said people were targeting him because he was famous. He said it wasn’t fair as all he wanted was to inspire others.


“I make music because I love it and someone out there is looking up to me. Young people should find things to do or they will try to bully others,” said Donald.

“They hide behind their phones and try to tarnish other people’s reputations. I feel like we can do better as a nation. We were raised with love. That’s why you’ll never see me react to hateful or harsh comments.

Source: News365

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