Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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DJ Sbu lands himself in hot soup

Musician DJ Sbu has come under fire after suggesting cryptocurrency should be introduced ekasi.

Taking to Twitter, the star, who often chats about cryptocurrency or a digital currency, shared his plans to financially educate Mzansi about the currency to take his people to the “next level”.

The star said the next step in wealth creation is to introduce cryptocurrency in the townships. He explained that he wants to financially educate and reeducate people when it comes to digital currency and investing online.

“We are taking cryptocurrency to the hood. People need to know how to hustle cryptocurrencies. Time to unlearn and relearn about money. I’m all about education,” he wrote.

This led to much discussion, with many telling the star the average person in SA couldn’t afford cryptocurrency.

Others criticised the digital currency for its supposed instability and lack of profitability and dragged Sbu for “making people think it’s an easy market to enter”.

Many urged the DJ to teach about money, namely how to save it and invest it when you don’t have much of it before educating about crypto.

Check out some of the reactions below:


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