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To get the most out of your workout, you’ll obviously need a decent pair of shoes

To get the most out of your workout, you’ll obviously need a decent pair of shoes . Oftentimes, though, a great pair of shoes isn’t enough to ensure long-term comfort and support. That’s why many runners and long-distance walkers turn to other types of orthotic devices, like the best Superfeet insoles, which makes their footwear more comfortable and supportive.

Insoles can be outstanding for those who have foot problems, such as low arches (also known as flat feet), or for those who simply want to extend the lifespan of their running shoes. But it’s crucial that you find the right fit, as well as enough thickness to offer maximum support.

If you’re wondering if Superfeet insoles are right for you—or how to distinguish between different insole models—you’ve come to the right place. We break everything down in this comprehensive guide.
What to Look for When Shopping for Superfeet Insoles
As you seek the best insoles for your shoes, whether Superfeet or otherwise, here are a few key considerations:

Thickness and support. A good insole should be firm enough that when you press down with the arch of your foot, the insole doesn’t collapse. Insoles that have too much give simply won’t provide you with enough support.
Fit. You want insoles that match the contour of your foot. If the insoles are too high, they can actually cause foot pain.
Length. The Superfeet insoles on our list are all full-length, meaning they support the entire foot. Note that other brands do offer partial inserts if you just want to target your heel or the ball of your foot.
The Superfeet Adapt Run insoles are our overall choice for running and walking insoles, creating ample support for those who have low to medium arches and who like to be up and active. These insoles consist of a thin profile, meaning they fit well in almost any shoe while still offering lots of support. Adaptive Comfort Technology helps the insoles move in harmony with your feet, while a durable construction ensures these insoles last for at least 500 miles.

We also like the moisture-wicking technology, which keeps sweat and odors at bay. Built with a dense heel cushion, these insoles minimize fatigue, stress, and strain on your feet. Simply trim the insoles to your shoe size and you’re ready to go.


Thin, lightweight profile but ample support
Long-lasting design (500 miles or more)
Moisture and odor resistance
Dual comfort layers to support flat feet and sore arches
Responsive forefoot zone

While Superfeet insoles are designed to work well for men and women alike, the Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Men insoles are particularly well-suited for men who have a deep heel cup and high arch support. These insoles use a mix of carbon fiber and polymer to allow for quick responses and an even distribution of weight, which is especially helpful when climbing or hiking.

Their rugged and durable design helps reduce fatigue and creates a stable surface for your foot. Ideal for sweaty workouts, the moisture-wicking technology also keeps odors under control. And, there are a number of features to provide your feet with succor and support, from a dual foam layer to a carbon fiber stabilizer cap.


  • Long-lasting design (500 miles or more)
  • Moisture and odor resistance
  • Deep heel cup
  • Dual comfort layers to reduce foot fatigue
  • Rugged and ready for outdoor wear

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