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Viral 47-year-old man who dances with a Beer bottle on his head speaks out


He likes to dance with a beer bottle on his head while blowing a whistle. This gained him instant fame on social media, but some people are criticizing him.

But Dana Khanyile does not care and said those who criticize him can go to hell.

The 47-year-old from Umlazi in Durban, KZN, has been trending since the Easter weekend after pictures and videos of him dancing at Eyadini Lounge went viral.Viral-47-year-old-man-who-dances-with-a-Beer-bottle-on-his-head-speaks-out2

Whenever he dances to the song Samba Ngolayini by Worst Behaviour featuring DJ Lag, Gento Bareto and various artists, people join him and form a line.

He has been criticized for his age and looks, but he said he doesn’t care.

Dana told the publication his happiness comes first and he’s not committing a crime by dancing.Viral-47-year-old-man-who-dances-with-a-Beer-bottle-on-his-head-speaks-out5

“What I’m doing makes me happy. This is my new life. I started dancing during the festive season at Max’s Lifestyle and Mojos.

“Those who criticize me must rest because they’re still going to see me dance,” he said.

He said he was still a member of Assemblies of God and will not allow the church to limit his happiness.Viral-47-year-old-man-who-dances-with-a-Beer-bottle-on-his-head-speaks-out1

“I have been loving this life for a long time, but I was scared because I’m a churchgoer.

“I finally realized life is too short. I am now living a happy life. It was difficult to make that decision, but I had to,” he said.

Dana said church members were also divided about his decision.

“I don’t care. I have to be happy if I’m not in church.

“I love to be happy while eating meat and drinking alcohol with other people,” he said.
He said it was easy for him to dance with a bottle on top of his head as he grew up carrying a 20-litre container on his head to fetch water.

Dana said he doesn’t have a child and is not married, but if he got married, his wife should understand he loves entertainment and will not stop.

-daily sun

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