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President Cyril Ramaphosa is Lerato Kganyago’s neighbour

I mean who wouldn’t  want to live next to the president of the country right?, i mean whats it like, Well we can all certainly ask Lerato Kganyago who claimed in a tweet that she lives next to the president. What a flex thou, am i right?

The question Lerato Kganyago,was asked was “Who’s your most interesting Neighbour in your complex, estate or neighbourhood and what do they do?”

And her answer was as simple as the president- she didnt even answer the rest of the questions, the statement “The president” was enough , when she was asked are you serious? Lerato’s response was Lol yep! His motorcade drives past gate lol”

I mean at least we know shes telling the truth, and hey i bet shes hella protected though right?.

Lerato did mention that she is not allowed to go close to Ramaphosa house though unless she has a “death wish”.She also mentioned that she has a few “properties” in her name


The story did what normally happens to stories on Twitter it blew up, but this was more of a flex than a story.

Twitter always adds the humor to a situation

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