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Cute pic of Thembi Seete having a good time with the Khoza brothers

Brothers Sthembiso (aka SK) and Abdul Khoza feel extremely honoured to be working with an actress and artist that inspired them when they were growing up, Thembi Seete. Sthembiso and Abdul are two extremely talented actors. The brothers are a steamy pair who are loved by the ladies and respected by many. SK and Abdul had a bit of a fangirl moment when they realised that they would be working with one of the women they looked up to in the entertainment industry, Thembi. The brothers scooped a role in an upcoming Ferguson Films action packed series called Kings of Joburg.

Thembi Seete

Taking to social media on behalf of himself and his brother, SK shared a picture of him, Abdul and Thembi and expressed how surreal this moment was for them. It’s moments like these that hit you right in the feels and make you appreciate every struggle you ever faced to get to where you are today #gratitude.

Source: News365

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