Monday, October 18, 2021

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More Proof That Connie Ferguson Is The Best Boss – Video

By now you should know Connie Ferguson is a multitalented born entertainer who never shies away from keeping her legion of fans entertained, even if she does not know the dance moves trust me I can bet my last R10 she will soldier on.Connie-Ferguson-2

The actress recently posted a video of her on Instagram doing a popular dance involving putting a glass or bottle on top of your head and dancing. Connie who was with her crew members decided to get down and showed us her dance moves, whilst holding a water bottle on top of her head.

Connie reminded us how tough this year has been and that although we might have experienced trials and tribulations during these trying times, they have managed to maintain high spirits on the set of The Queen Mzansi.

“It’s been a tough year and we are all exhausted!😫😫😫 But somehow the #thequeenmzansi cast and crew manage to maintain high spirits and make the set a fun and happy place for all!😍 And keeping me young and on my toes while at!🤣🤣🤣👊🏾❤️ Cheers to #tbe.”

Connie has always been an entire mood. The actress and her daughter Ali and Lesedi Ferguson are always showing us some cool dance moves on social media.


In Other News: Big Zulu finally meets Duduzane Zuma – Video

Big Zulu and Duduzane Zuma finally meet, and they nailed the viral challenge together. A few weeks ago, Duduzane trended due to his walk, however, it was observed that the background song in his videos was Zulu’s latest hit song, Imali Eninge.

Big Zulu1

South Africans jumped on the walking challenge, using the same background song. The musician later came out to appreciate Duduzane for…learn more

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