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Connie Ferguson Shows Off Her Expensive Diamond Ring – Video

Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson Shows Off Her Expensive Diamond Ring – Video

Actress Connie Ferguson keeps on expanding her profile as a businesswoman. In a long appreciation post, Connie Ferguson shared how she co-designed the precious ring with Axel Diamond and the inspiration behind the craftsmanship.

“I have an innate love for design, of any kind. I cannot sketch, but I can draw images in my head and get a sketcher to put pencil to paper,. I’m pretty ocd when it comes to lines, curves, symmetry, flow etc. I can be a pain to design for or with!🙈 So the fact that @axoli_m of @axeldiamond_ was daring enough to let me co-design one of his latest offerings, speaks volumes to the young man’s confidence!🤣🙌🏾❤️
A simple classic north/south/east/west tapered prong setting evolved and blossomed into three other design options, encompassing heart shapes because they were designed with LOVE!😬❤️ With Christmas around the corner and engagements coming up, any woman would be proud to wear Qhama!❤️
#repost @axeldiamond_
Excited to introduce Qhama to our Legendary Diamond Ring collection.
Co-designer: @connie_ferguson 🌺

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