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Connie Ferguson conquers her Fears – Video

Renowned actress and TV producer Connie Ferguson is always serving body goals on social media. But, the star has revealed that for a long time she had fears of falling while working out. Connie said she has for a long time feared to fall on a box that she does her squats on, but yesterday she said she decided to face her fears.

Taking to her Instagram account, she wrote: “I’m a relatively strong and fit woman, but even I have certain fears that hold me back from my true potential! One of those fears is falling!. I’m sure you’ve noticed in my workout videos that I have never actually jumped onto the box, but rather stepped on and did a squat! Yesterday, for the first time, I decided to face this fear and see if I can actually jump onto the box!.

Connie Ferguson

After a lot of back and forth and psyching myself up, I did it! Thank you @xolisani_nomeva and my baby @ali.ferguson_ for having more faith in me than I did!???? You believed I could and damnit I did!???? It felt so good! .Sometimes you just have to take that LEAP OF FAITH and do things that scare you! That’s the road to true success”. At 49, the actress still looks good and has over the years adopted a healthy gym regimen, which she often shares on her social media pages.

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Source: News365

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