Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Songstress Cici looks stunning as she shows off her natural hair

Cici has decided to showcase her long-full natural hair to her followers. The star is always known to be a lover of hair most especially wigs and her fans love every bit of her. It’s being a while Cici debut her natural hair but this time around, she shared a video of herself gushing over it.


In the video she shared, Cici was seen rubbing her hand all over the hair showing off how long it is.

She captioned the video: “When you haven’t seen your nashural hair in a while.. warey mess”

Many of her fans flooded the comment section to share how pretty and adorable she looks.

In Other News: Bontle Modiselle’s #SilhoutteChallenge breaks social media

Bontle Modiselle took to her social media to share her hilarious video of herself as she participates in the #SilhoutteChallenge. Many South African celebrities have joined the challenge one way or other.

Bontle Modiselle

The challenge is basically about going naked under the disguise of the red light in the background which does not give other people to see all...learn more

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