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Zakwe: Cassper Nyovest is not really a great rapper

Zakwe - Cass

Rap heavyweight Zakwe just gave Cassper Nyovest his flowers but despite what he might think, others seem to have labeled him as a whack rapper. His “underrated lyricist” comment did not sit well with Cassper who defended his lenghty career in SA Hip Hop.

Unlike Zakwe’s sentiments, Cassper does not seem to believe that he is an underrated lyricist. He says his fans appreciate his music and that he is far from being underrated. He reckons that it’s the so-called industry “gatekeepers”, who have lead others to believe that he is a whack rapper.

Zakwe seems to think that Cassper is a better lyricist, adding on to the beliefs of many South Africans that he is not so much of a great rapper. According to a tweep, Cassper is a better businessman.

“NYOVEST is true lyricists, he is tooooo DOPE. Understands all the elements of rapping, applies them, his delivery is colossal, kills a concept, crazy punchlines etc, TRUST ME. I have nothing to gain by saying this, so TRUST,” he said.

Hip Hop radio DJ Rashid Kay reduted Cass’s claims of gatekeeping in the industry saying it is a myth. “Please don’t use the excuse “Hip Hop has too much politics” if you wanna switch lanes. Mention the year or the era when Hip Hop had no politics. I’ll wait…” he wrote, adding, “Gatekeeping in SA Hip Hop is a myth. 90% of radio compilers are House DJs. Anything else you can do for self: music, merch, events…”


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