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One day i’m going to be a billionaire: Cassper Nyovest

News that American rapper Kanye West reached billionaire status has refuelled SA rapper Cassper Nyovest‘s drive to “get that dough”. South Africans woke up to news over the weekend that Kanye had made it onto the billionaire’s list, according to Forbes Magazine.

Sharing how “mind-blown” he would be if he ever sees a “billi” chilling in his bank account, Cassper said he won’t stop until he is also a billionaire. Cassper said it was about him proving to himself that he could start from having nothing to plenty of ranks in his bank account.

“I’m far from a billionaire man but I will be a billionaire one day. It’s not even about the money. I am about proving to myself that I can start from 0 to a billion. I’m sure it’ll also inspire others, but if I could just see it sit in the account I will be mind-blown.”
Cass’ inspiration comes after news reports over the weekend that the American rapper was now a billionaire.

Cassper Nyovest

Inspired like everyone else, Cass also took time to appreciate Yeezy’s drive to keep pushing even after going broke years ago. Abuti Fill Up admired Kanye’s drive to get his money right, and advised his fans to use the American rapper’s spirit of not giving up as an example.

“Just a few years ago Kanye was frustrated, talking about how broke he was cause of the fashion industry and a lotta people were mocking him. Dude kept pushing against the grain and now he’s the richest artist of all time. Don’t ever let the hard times get you down. Get up and push!

While everyone was congratulating the American rapper on his billionaire status, the All Of The Lights hitmaker slammed the magazine for low-balling his net worth, saying “they didn’t know how to count” as his net worth was not $1.3-billion but $3.3bn.

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